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If your house has not been rewired in 25 years or more we would strongly recommend a partial or full rewire. Anticipate an electrical issue is easier, safer and often less expensive than solving problems after they arise. A missing earth or constantly blowing fuses are signals that a full rewire may be necessary.

There are many dangers associated with faulty electrics: risk of electrical fire, electrocution and potentially fatal accidents to name but a few. We therefore always advise having your household wiring inspected to make sure it is compliant with building regulations and current safety standards. Whether you need a new consumer unit replacement or just a spot of simple rewiring, our expert electricians can advise you on the most cost-effective and affordable course of action, before nursing your household electrics back to full health.



A partial rewire is when a house or business owner replaces part, not all, of the electrical wiring of a house or commercial outlet.

Why do you need a partial rewire?

  • Replacing part of the wiring will fix a problem.
  • Wiring in different parts of the house or commercial outlet is of different age and so needs replacing at different times.
  • To save money.
  • A home or business owner wants to add new electrical circuits. Some rewiring is needed but not a complete rewire.

We see this issue occur mainly in older properties that typically lack in plug sockets, lights or are situated in awkward places, besides older properties are not uncommon.


The kitchen is usually the most used location, when fitting a new kitchen it is important to have your current electronic wiring checked to find any issues and ensure if they need to be rewired. The modern kitchen is much more than simply a place food is prepared, it is also a communal area where the family can hang out and have fun.

If your kitchens wires need to be fully done or if you simply need a few extra sockets, the best time to rewire is before it is fitted with units, tiled over or painted. Discovering a possible electrical fault early may also prevent you from having to deal with a larger, potentially more costly repair.

Old wiring isn’t equipped to support many more modern hobs or new spotlights. Our Electricians can advise you on all your kitchen needs, whether you’re considering rewiring or just an upgrade.

Kitchen wiring

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Bathrooms are damp and can use a lot of power. This article will help you plan for appropriate electrical wiring to cover lighting, airflow, and safety devices in your bathroom.

Everything from waterproof lighting fixtures in bathing areas to effective ventilation must be considered.

We all know that bathrooms tend to be one of the darker rooms of the house. For that reason, plenty of lights should be installed to provide enough general illumination but also to enhance areas like mirrors, showers, closets, and bathtub areas.

Bath and shower areas must have special fixtures. Any light fixture in this zone must be at least rated for damp locations. However, if the fixture is potentially subject to spray from the shower, it must be a-rated for wet locations. When it comes to lighting around the mirror, sidelights are best. Overhead lighting, especially recessed lights, leave your face in shadow when you get close to the mirror. Sidelights, such as wall sconces or vertical strip lights, can be combined with lights mounted on the wall above the mirror for fuller illumination.

Fire alarm systems

With our team, we can help advise on the perfect systems to bring light to your dream garden. Power feeds, lighting, outdoor sockets, pond pumps, hard-wired hot tubs and much more, Innox can fulfill your requirements. Garden lighting will transform your garden into a beautiful family place. In the past years, there has been an increase in the number of people who install outdoor domestic lighting.

Outdoor lighting is very important for some key reasons:

  • It improves the look of your garden. For instance, landscape lighting ensures your outdoor living space can be used after dark.
  • Outdoor lighting provides security lighting which helps in reducing the possibility of crime as it acts as a deterrent.

The possibility of burglars invading someone’s home when there is a presence of external security lighting shining on them is much less likely. It is important to know that external security lighting is one of the lowest costs and the effective prevention of burglars.

Nest smart systems

The modern-day lifestyle has resulted in an increasing demand for electrical supply. The natural and most simplistic solution for the majority of people is to use extension leads. However, what many people don’t know is the concept of introducing several extension leads can cause a socket to overload. This can be extremely dangerous and creates a fire hazard!

Lighting installations and extra lighting in the home can help you relax and provide the ambience you require.

You may need additional lighting such as task lighting or under cupboard kitchen lighting. Spotlighting is very popular. Decorative chandeliers and contemporary modern light fittings give different effects for different types of homes and rooms. Our range of lighting and accessories includes;

  • Wall lights
  • Glass lights
  • Porcelain wall lights
  • Decorative wall lights
  • Floor lamps

Garden electrics

As is the case with the majority of our home electrical devices, smoke alarms cannot last forever. Smoke alarm sensors will degrade over time, leading to a reduced sensitivity in detecting heat or smoke. As a result, fire alarms need to be replaced every 10 years.

Yet a worrying number of people are not aware of the fact that their fire alarms may need replacing.

Checking and being aware of your fire alarm(s) expiry date is imperative to safety. Whilst the alarms will still function when the replace-by date is reached, it is unlikely they will be sensitive enough to detect smoke within a suitable timeframe. The alarm may even begin to behave erratically.

LED lighting

LED lighting

Led Lighting Installation is a great alternative for lighting in your workplace. Given the extended running times of lighting in the workplace, the use of LED Lighting will help to reduce costs and has several other benefits, too.

What do you need to know about LED Lighting?

  • Longer Lasting – LED lights to have an average life span of 20 years.
  • Lower Energy Cost Per Year – LED lights can pay for themselves in as little as 18 months.
  • Eco-Friendly – LED lights are 100% recyclable and unlike fluorescent lights, contain no toxic chemicals.
  • Durable – LED lights are extremely resistant to shock, vibrations and external impacts, making them the ideal solution for industrial properties.
  • Instant Power-Up – LED lights power up immediately when turned on without needing time to brighten up.

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